How to Reduce Your Weight Eating The Things You Love

How to Reduce Your Weight Eating The Things You Love


Now isn’t this going to be a good read for you, first of all this article is not a recipe slate from a cooking show, I will list some of the food which you can tweak and tune to your needs and still not get fat eating them.

Eggs in Breakfast:

Eggs are the most wonderful food which you can have in the morning it is full of all types of nutrients and is basically a healthy start to your day, you can eat boiled eggs with a hint of black pepper and remove the egg yolks if you are suspicious or have been disallowed by your physician or health trainer, if you are of those types who are not into boiled stuff then you should prepare them with virgin olive oil and have a great breakfast. Adding a dice of mushrooms and some olives with baby tomatoes will make this a power breakfast and leave you full, healthy and on top of the world.

Salads and Whole Grain Bread:

Although after having the above breakfast you can continue well past mid day, but if you get a hunger pang or are a food lover like the writer of this post, then you should get two to three slices of whole grain bread (available everywhere) and get a few vegetables together like, Cucumber, olives, tomatoes and lettuce and dress them with a dash of lemon juice. If your hunger desires keep pushing you then add 100 – 150 grams of chicken breast boiled into this salad topped with a hint of black pepper.

Having this lunch combined with your earlier healthy breakfast, your body will be highly grateful for this extreme input of nutrients, notice you are not getting any fat or stuff from these two meals and laying a foundation for a heavenly body inside out.

The Dinner:

I will allow some respite in the dinner, you can have some lightly fried chicken (in olive oil) with some mashed boiled potatoes and can add a big salad (without the dressings) to give you the ultimate superman food eating routine.

If you follow these simple 3 meals a day routine and just substitute a few things not the methods then you will start losing calories and your body will be a heaven, you will not feel bloated in fact you will have a healthy heart, a strong mind and lots and lots of energy. However you can treat yourself to a steak or a burger a couple of times in the week. Enjoy eating!