Top 3 Diets To Lose Weight Fast & Naturally

Top 3 Diets To Lose Weight Fast & Naturally

Wondering How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally? Find Fastest Ways to Lose Weight With Quick Weight Loss Diets.


Who doesn’t want to lose weight within a week? I mean it’s every one’s dream to sleep one night and then wake up with that toned and shaped-up body we saw in women magazines. However losing something overnight is not recommended (with few exceptions of course – no pun intended). But it doesn’t matter how much we read about harmful effects of rapid & fast weight loss, we still want to look as good as our new fitness freak neighbor or the girl we hated most in our high school.

But what if we told you that it is possible to lose up to 8lbs in just 7 days! Of course you can blame us for playing with your feelings but fortunately there are some diets that have been proven time and again in quick weight loss and can help you lose up to 8-10 pounds within a week. We are not talking about those miracle HCG diet supplements but actual everyday diet plans that can help you shed those extra pounds quickly. Following are 3 diets that can be termed as fastest ways to lose weight naturally.

Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon detox diet gain popularity after infamous actress Beyonce revealed that she lost 20 lbs in just 14 days, Yes folks you heard it right – 10lbs in a week. Now that’s not bad at all. Lemon Detox diet basically detoxifies your body or in other words removes harmful toxins from your body and gives it a complete overhaul. During the process, weight loss naturally follows and you see dramatic results within days. You need to follow a strict diet but for 20 lbs in 14 days, some people will be ready to sell their souls to demon and trust us Lemon Detox diet wont be any less harder than that.

Basically you need to eliminate almost all type of food from your diet and drink specially created Detox Lemonade. That’s it. You can eat fruits and vegetables at most in moderate quantity but that’s all you can have during the diet/detoxification process. You will be prohibited to use any caffeine or soft drinks or in fact anything that has anything to do with sugar.

500 Calories Day Diet

This diet has been quite popular among fashion models, (which we envy and hate at the same time) due to its immediate results.

As the name suggest, this diet restrict you to eat only 500 calories per day. Now unlike Lemon Detox Diet, you have plenty of choices to eat including meat but the portion size is very small. You can expect up to 8lbs weight loss within 7 days by using this diet.

3 Day Diet

Promises to weight loss of up to 10lbs (4.5 kg) or more in just three days, this diet is the killer among quick weight loss programs. Being a popular plan, this plan was used to sell like hot cakes (no pun intended towards fat people) but then some kind soul decided to “leak” the program for the benefits of the masses thus making it a hot buzz on internet.

In this diet plan, you have to follow a very specific meal plan of breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything else than the ones outlined for you. Normally the meals sums up to 1000 calories per day and after 3 days you are allowed to increase the calorie intake. To lose more weight you need to follow the same diet. However it is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED to follow it continuously for more than a week.

Words of Wisdom About Quick Weight Loss

The “magic” behind all these miraculous diets are when you start any diet you lose lots of water weight plus the low calorie intake force your body to go into survival mode thus start consuming the stored fat.

However the moment your body realizes what’s going on, it started to adjust itself with your new eating behavior thus re-adjust its metabolism rate and start storing fat again accordingly. None of the weight you lost will be permanent and there is high chance of regaining weight once you left the diet protocols and start eating normally. WE do not recommend these quick weight loss diets but hey who doesn’t like to show off some curves in your friend’s wedding planned in next 15 days. So happy dieting and do not over do yourself.