Weight Loss Plateau – What To do When You Hit Weight Loss...

Weight Loss Plateau – What To do When You Hit Weight Loss Plateau

Hit By Weight Loss Plateau? Find Weight Loss Plateau Causes & Solutions.


All was working fine. Your new diet is going good and people were actually telling you that you seem to have changed a lot. Your loyal weight scale is approving all the comments with generosity and after each couple of days, it congratulates you by showing that you have lost a couple of pounds. All seems to be well, when suddenly you noticed that your weight scale has seemed to stop working. It’s been 2 weeks now and it is still showing the same weight which you recorded 2 weeks ago. If this is your story and you are thinking to change your weight scale then I am afraid it won’t help. Welcome to weight loss plateau.

What is Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight Loss Plateau is basically concept of being stuck at a weight for weeks or even months while doing everything right and eating carefully. This is quite frustrating for people and can happen to anyone doing any diet. However there is still hope and so do the ways to get out of weight loss plateau period.

Why Me? Why It Happens?

It’s normal for a person to witness this phenomenon after following a weight loss diet for a specific time period, it stopped working like it was doing in start. Usually when you start any type of dieting, first couple of week’s body reacted to the change in eating behavior differently.

Your body not only loses “water weight” but also it starts utilizing the fat it has stored for times like these. It starts consuming glycogen, a type of carbohydrate, and that led to rapid weight loss in initial days of any diet plan. During this period your body also loses some muscle mass which resulted in change in your metabolism rate. However eventually the body adjusted itself to your new eating behavior and foods. Your body will force your metabolism to slow down and it will impact your weight loss ratio thus reaching the point of weight loss plateau. This is the time when it seems that your dieting isn’t performing at all or in other words you stopped loosing weight.

How to Nullify or Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Simply put, you need to change now whatever you are doing. You have to either increase the physical activity or consume even lesser amount of calories. Before going to address this, first you need to ask yourself how much more weight you need to lose? If you are satisfied with your current weight then all you need to do is continue what you are doing and you will maintain your weight. However if you think that you have hit the weight loss plateau a little sooner and there is still some work left, then you need to follow the below mentioned advices.

Decrease Calories Intake

Starting with the basic, you need to decrease the amount of calories you are consuming on daily basis. If you are taking 1000 calories per day, then you need to make it 900 or 800 now.

Add Extra Physical Activity

This part has helped a lot of people in breaking their weight loss plateau easily. All you need to do is add EXTRA physical activity in your daily routine. If you were running 1 mile per day then, now run 2 miles per day but on different times. Running 2 miles in one run won’t make a difference in your situation. If you are doing workout, then either increase the intensity of workout or increase the time of workout.

Change Eating Time & Habits

By changing your meal times you can force your body to re-evaluate the situation thus kind of resetting it. This will help your exiting diet to be effective once again.

Final Stuff to Remember

We understand that when you hit the weight loss plateau, it’s the same frustration again which people faced when they were starting their diet. It’s not easy to overcome situation like these, but remember that you have achieved something. You have successfully lost a couple of pounds and now only a couple more left. It will be easy to stop the diet but “easy” won’t help you in your objective. Remain focused on your ultimate goal and sooner or later you will achieve it. You may need to do a little bit extra but in the end that extra is always worth it.