Weights for Weight Loss – Using Weights To Reduce Weight Quickly

Weights for Weight Loss – Using Weights To Reduce Weight Quickly


A new study by health experts has confirmed that muscle building exercises involving weights can reduce your weight much better than conventional methods of exercising like aerobics, jogging and cycling. Putting 15 minutes of weight training into your regiment everyday can reduce your weight by up to 30 percent more than aerobics or jogging.

But how can you include weight training into your routine is quite simple, you will have to do what body builders do, divide your week into different body parts per day and at the end you should have a complete body workout per week, below we will mention an ideal routine for you to follow through:

Monday Workout:

On Monday do chest and Back, include short session heavy weights and do not exercise for then 15 minutes each day this will remain the rule throughout the week. Bench presses and Bend over’s are the most suitable exercises for Chest and back.

Tuesday Workout:

Its Biceps and Triceps for Tuesday you only need a barbell and some weights, perform the basic exercises and that’s all, no need for dumbbells or any extra postures, just a simple upward motion concentrating on these main muscles.

Wednesday Workout:

Squats and Lunges it is on Wednesday and again only a barbell is needed plus if you can get your hand on a few dumbbells to routine the lunges.

Perform the same exercises on the remaining 3 days in the same pattern beginning from chest and ending at lunges on Saturday, you will feel a definite vibrancy and activeness in your body. All you have to do is to simple cut out 15 minutes from your daily routine of exercise and dedicate it to muscle building exercises, not only will you feel a clear reduction in your weight but would also feel a strong force within your body which will keep you active and ready to take on the world.